benefits of having a morning practice woman meditating

8 Benefits of Having a Morning Practice

A daily, consistent morning practice will transform your life. 

Even before we awaken, our mind gets going. Because so many of us start the day feeling anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed (or all three), we aren’t able to center ourselves and approach each day from a place of calmness, acceptance, and empowerment. 

Morning practice taps into the immense power of yoga, breathwork and meditation to calm the mind, build vitality and strength into the body, and set you up for a great day ahead.

When I’m asked by people if a Morning Practice would work for them, I always answer with an enthusiastic “YES”.

How can I be so sure?

There is over 5000 years of evidence that morning practice helps a person heal what has not been working, realize their excellence, and live an outstanding life.

Professional athletes, world-class artists, and successful entrepreneurs use morning practice to tap into their full potential every day.

For those of you who like facts, here are 8 science-backed benefits of having a morning practice: 

benefits of having a morning practice woman meditating

Start Each Day Feeling Calm

How you spend the first hours of the day will influence the rest of the day and therefore, your life. If you allow yourself to feel stressed and rushed in those first hours, that feeling often follows you. Morning practice will help you break out of that pattern and put you in a great frame of mind. And, it works immediately.

Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is such a painful destructive habit that I refer to it as an addiction. Morning practice will assist you to use your time wisely and in a more valuable, productive way from the moment you get up each day. From a more centered and empowered place, you will find yourself capable of taking steps toward the completion of your projects and goals.

people practicing yoga and meditation for morning practice

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

The mind is a terrible master, but an excellent servant. Morning practice will place you in a position to direct your mind to serve your heart rather than being at the mercy of the mind all day long. It is a powerful element of structure in your day. Without it, the mind can race with endless thoughts and start to master you.

Decrease Stress and Strengthen the Nervous System

There is normal stress and then there is toxic, chronic stress. Morning practice will help you to work with the normal stresses of life while also eliminating toxic stress by strengthening and regulating the nervous system. Through morning practice you get to experience true rejuvenation and relaxation. This is critical for your mental and physical health, as you will decrease depression, anxiety, and the risk of many stress-related diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

tommy rosen teaching morning practice

Empower Yourself

Having a daily morning practice boosts self-esteem, confidence and creativity. It is a supreme act of self-love that begets better and better habits and outcomes in all areas of life. It carries over into the rest of your life. You might find yourself eating differently, treating yourself differently, and showing up feeling  more empowered in all your relationships.

Boost Your Energy Levels

Morning practice increases vitality and boosts energy. Working with specific movements and powerful breath practices, you will be able to unlock certain reserves and create leverage in your day. You can go from a feeling of swimming upstream to a sense of being “in the flow”.

morning practice on the beach with tommy rosen

Improve All Your Relationships

Morning practice will decrease your stress and make it possible for you to show up more patiently, kindly, and lovingly in your relationships. Your ability to listen and the way that you engage the world around you shifts. You become more centered and start to impact the people around you in a very positive way. This is one of the biggest benefits of bringing morning practice into your life.

Live in the Moment with Acceptance

Through steady practice, you become less concerned or triggered by the past, while also less anxious about the future. Things that used to bother you, no longer have any effect. You may notice yourself living in the present moment without any concern at all. You gain the ability to laugh at yourself and take things more lightly. As a result of all this, you become more available and capable and receive a more abundant life.

A morning practice will help you be healthier, happier and live beyond the Frequency of Addiction, however it might show up in your life. Give yourself this gift each day and watch your life transform.

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