Holistic Recovery for Life

Recovery 2.0 Membership is a place for healing, support, connection, personal growth and thriving in a life beyond addiction.

We’ve made it easy for you to adopt powerful practices into your daily routines and build new habits that lead to lasting change.

Gratitude-Based Experience of Life

Recovery 2.0 Membership is a one-day-at-a-time feast of experiences, connections, guidance, coaching, practices and philosophies that lead to freedom from addiction and fulfillment in life. This is a lifestyle of health, wellness, joy, connection and love. The community embraces a holistic approach to recovery and we insist on an outstanding life. We support each other and base our recovery on direct personal experience.

What You Get in the Recovery 2.0 Membership

Live Weekly Yoga Classes with Tommy Rosen

Join Tommy every Wednesday morning for an uplifting yoga class and powerful breath practices. Replays are added every week. Enjoy over 100 classes available inside Membership.

Live Recovery Talks with Tommy Rosen & Guests Presenters

Recovery 2.0 Membership includes weekly live presentations from leading authors, coaches, therapists, yoga/meditation instructors and nutritionists. We offer premier, direct access to some of the most powerful and uplifting teachers in the world.

Bonus Courses & Programs

When you arrive in membership, be sure to take the Life Upgrade Course, which is free to our members. We also offer discounts on all Recovery 2.0 retreats and signature programming.

Live Group Coaching & Q/A with Tommy Rosen

Each week Tommy Rosen facilitates group coaching so that Recovery 2.0 members can ask specific questions about the challenges they are facing in recovery and life. These are some of the most sweet and powerful moments we share in our community.

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Benefits of Membership

Cancel your subscription anytime within your 7-day trial if you decide it’s not right for you.

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