Because You Deserve to Thrive in Life Beyond Addiction

Addiction is the Greatest Social Problem of Our Time:

How We Help Solve The Problem

Recovery 2.0 is focused on helping people in recovery build a meaningful, purposeful existence to remove their desire to return to drugs & alcohol or other addictive behaviors.

Our approach is based in the practice and principles of yoga, breathwork, meditation and holistic health because these are necessary ingredients to treat any addiction, from drugs and alcohol to food, sex and gambling.

Rather than concentrating on the crisis and triage of detox and primary treatment, Recovery 2.0 focuses on helping people build powerful, sustainable recoveries with access to insightful teachings, a path to follow, and a community of others on a similar Path of Discovery in recovery.

Curious to know more? We offer life-transforming events & retreats, online immersive programs, self-study courses, and an incredible community within our membership to help you not only survive addiction, but THRIVE in your life.

Come and explore Life Beyond Addiction. All are welcome here.

Join our ever-growing community of people on a Path of Discovery in Recovery.

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