The Process Is Easy To Follow

Get the tools to thrive in your recovery.

12-Step fellowships offer the most accessible solution for people seeking recovery from addiction. If you are looking for something you cannot find here, simply Google the 12 Step program of your choice in your hometown and you will find it. The process is easy to follow:
1) Find and attend a meeting.
2) Connect with others who are overcoming addiction or have overcome issues similar to those you are facing.
3) Find a sponsor.
4) Work through the 12 Steps with your sponsor.
5) Recover and begin to build an extraordinary life.

Alternative Recovery Programs

Once a foundation of recovery is in place with medical attention and support from a 12 Step Program,
alternative recovery programs can be a very helpful and stabilizing force of positive living.

The Yoga Of 12-step Recovery (Y12SR)

Nikki Myers’ Yoga of 12-Step Recovery combines the practice of yoga with the 12-Steps. Y12SR offers an integrated approach to recovery, which includes universal 12-Step meetings (meaning all addictions are welcome in the same meeting) followed by a yoga practice. This format of meeting is catching on like wildfire. There are over 100 Y12SR meetings currently that regularly meet across the U.S. I believe we will soon see Y12SR meetings everywhere across the country. Nikki offers 2 regular trainings—the Intensive and the Leadership Training—to teach people how to use the 12 Steps, yoga and meditation together in the treatment of addictions of all kinds. This is an outstanding resource.

Refuge Recovery and Against the Stream​

Noah offers something powerful and community-based that works and is growing. This is a much-needed resource for atheists and agnostics as well as anyone who simply prefers to follow the teachings of Buddha as their path of recovery. There are regular Refuge Recovery meetings in Los Angeles, which are very well attended by a growing community of people who are split 50-50 between people who also practice the 12-Steps and those whose recovery path is based solely on Buddhist practice and meditation. Also check out Against The Stream, which is the Buddhist teaching that Noah and other teachers are doing. Very powerful and uplifting.

Smart Recovery

While I have no direct experience with SMART Recovery, I feel compelled to include it here because it offers a popular alternative to the 12-Step path. The fact that it stresses self-reliance and self-empowerment, makes it markedly different from the 12-Step approach. I have heard good things, though about their program, so in the spirit of “there is no one way,” SMART recovery appears to have provided a solution for some people.

Online Recovery (ITR) is an online social network for people in recovery and also their families. I consider it to be one of the greatest uses of technology there is. It is important to get out to meetings and connect with people as much as you can, but I also see the immense value that ITR provides. If you are housebound, infirmed, sick, tired, nervous about connecting face-to-face, or enjoy having a meeting from home, ITR has you covered.