Can I Rise Above Eating Disorders and Body Dysmorphia Brought On By Sexual Abuse?

We are all on a fact-finding mission to uncover our true selves.

with Tommy Rosen

On this episode of In The Circle, I address a deep and personal question from Annesa—Can I recover from a lifelong struggle with food and body dysmorphia resulting from sexual abuse? This inquiry sheds light on the intricate relationship between trauma, self-view, and the longing for healing in a society where many women undergo sexual assault. 

For us to discover true healing, we need to confront and question our deep-seated identities and beliefs and reconnect with our emotional and spiritual essence. Practicing techniques like Kundalini Yoga and mindfulness can play a huge part in helping us achieve our ultimate goal of peace and freedom. 

We need to strive daily to discover our truths, discard detrimental self-beliefs, and embrace self-love and acceptance, especially when confronted with societal challenges and personal traumas. Not only does this guide us to experience true healing and recovery, but it also extends a beacon of hope to those on a similar healing journey.

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Recovery is about rediscovering the diamond light within ourselves.

– Tommy Rosen, In The Circle Podcast

Tommy discusses:

    • The importance of discovering one’s true self beyond trauma and stories
    • Why recovery is about realizing the divinity within and coming to the truth of who you are
    • How trauma keeps you in a story that distances you from your true self
    • The multiple benefits of practicing yoga and mindfulness
    • How to create an identity filled with love, compassion, and presence.

Addiction is Part of Everyone’s Journey, But Recovery is Not.

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