Moving Beyond Abstinence Into True Recovery & Freedom

In the circle, today, we hear from Recovery 2.0 member, Luis, who asks… Are you ever free from addiction? 

His question takes us down an interesting path. We must dissect the perspective of people struggling with addiction, and those struggling in recovery. This inquiry challenges the oft-heard phrase: “once an addict, always an addict.”

In this episode we unpack what Tommy Rosen refers to as The Big 6 (main categories of addiction) and the 4 Aggravations (more insidious mental addictions) providing a more hopeful context for healing.

We also uncover powerful truths… That you’ll be healed from addiction when you no longer seek to be healed from it, when you’re no longer looking for a cure; and that a real medicine makes itself obsolete.

Thank you for joining us today. I sincerely hope you’re able to benefit from this valuable conversation, and all of our upcoming conversations on the podcast, to aid in your own growth and healing journey.

I’m a beginner to my next step, just like you are, just like we all are.

– Tommy Rosen, In The Circle Podcast

Tommy discusses:

  • Are you ever really “cured” from addiction?
  • Dispelling the adage “once an addict, always an addict”
  • If you could use again with no side effects and no one knowing, would you?
  • The 6 main categories of addiction
  • The 4 aggravations (mental addictions)
  • Why looking for a cure is the wrong approach
  • If you’re “cured” can you partake in drugs and alcohol without overdoing it?
  • After healing from addiction, “you still have to bow to something”

Addiction is part of everyone’s journey, but recovery is not.

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