Healing Codependency Requires Rediscovery of Your Lost Self

In The Circle today, we have an inquiry from Leslie that brings us face-to-face with codependency. I consider codependency to be a very painful, addictive pattern, which affects all of our relationships. It is complicated. It has many different manifestations.

Today, we will look at codependency through the lens of empathy. Leslie asks… What role does empathy play in codependency? In other words, if in codependent relationships we are more focused on another person’s behavior or needs than our own, what happens for a person who is empathic, who can feel into another person’s emotions as if they were their own?

It is a fascinating and quite revealing inquiry that leads us to better understand ourselves and our relationships in the world.

I feel strongly that for people walking a path of discovery in recovery, it is important to learn more about codependency, which is often an addiction that exists before other addictions show up. If you or anyone you know wants to take the steps necessary to move beyond codependency, any addictions, and thrive in life, come join us in the Recovery 2.0 community. Check us out at r20.com/welcome.

There’s no more religious thing you could possibly do than to develop true gratitude for existence itself.

– Tommy Rosen, In The Circle Podcast

Tommy discusses:

    • Tapping into the energy of truth and authenticity
    • Cultivating an awareness of when we’re out of alignment with our true self
    • Remaining in authenticity and integrity with self
    • Managing the gift of empathy
    • How to offer empathy in a healthy way
    • Exploring interdependency

Addiction is Part of Everyone’s Journey, But Recovery is Not.

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