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While you wait for it to arrive, I want to extend 
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On this very page, you’re going to discover how you can…

Get Started With The Recovery 2.0 Way Right NOW, Deepen Your Understanding of The Teachings & Join A Community of Like-Minded People Who Understand What it Means to Thrive in a Life Beyond Addiction

A letter from Tommy Rosen:

When I was nine years sober off drugs and alcohol, I found myself in a strange situation.

On one hand, I had been truly liberated from drug and alcohol addiction.

On the other, I was in mental and physical pain, was struggling in my relationships, and was very unhappy. 

Leaving the same Recovery rooms which had saved my life, I went out into the world, seeking a solution to the life challenges that I was currently facing.

Through the most extraordinary set of circumstances, I would find the teacher and teachings I had been looking for. 

Following his expert guidance, wisdom, and example of love, I healed my body, mind, and spirit, and became free. 

A few years later, I decided to write the book, Recovery 2.0, to share my story and the teachings which had made such a difference in my life.

This book lays out the path and all the elements necessary for anyone to overcome ALL addiction and to thrive in life.

It’s a unique mix that addresses addiction on all levels – physical, mental, and spiritual.

It shows you how embracing a fuller approach to recovery can open up new paths to personal growth and happiness. 

And it has helped hundreds of thousands of people in their recovery, which truly blows my mind.

With “Life Beyond Addiction” I’m taking this one step further by presenting you with the exact prescription and life path that anyone can follow to overcome addiction and thrive in life.  

Because I believe recovery should be about thriving, not just surviving.

On this page, you’re going to discover how to truly thrive and be free.

Not only that, but I also want to invite you to become a part of our ever-growing and supportive community of people all over the world who are truly thriving in their lives… 

"The Recovery 2.0 Community
literally saved my life."


"I'm the luckiest man in the world
to have found Recovery 2.0."


You are Invited to join our

Recovery 2.0 Community of People WHO

Understand How to Thrive in a Life Beyond Addiction…

Thousands of people have attended my Life Beyond Addiction retreats around the world. 

In our opening circles, I always express the following message to everyone present…

“At the end of our time together, we will all have had a profound experience. 

We will realize that one of the main reasons for our transformation is because of the power of the community itself. 

This circle we are sitting in consists of people who have come together to become healthier, happier, and free. 

This is an unbroken chain of power! 

Everybody in this circle wants everybody else in this circle to succeed. 

That is the power and gift of being a part of a community like ours.”

I invite you now to join us in our Recovery 2.0 community. 

We welcome you with open arms and look forward to connecting as we all walk our unique paths of recovery and discovery together.

Along With The Right Community, I Also Want to Give You the Tools to Start Living the Recovery 2.0 Way Immediately… 

In Addition to Joining This Powerful Community, I Also Invite
You to Take A Step Towards Your Personal and Spiritual Development Now…


Life Beyond Addiction

The Life Beyond Addiction Course is the first step in a magical journey where you experience first hand the transformation and teachings of Recovery 2.0.

This 90 minute introductory program is an exciting, experiential journey into a whole, new life.  

This is the Express Train to your next level!

You can do the course in a single afternoon and, like so many, you might just find that this will blow your mind and fill your heart.

The point is to thrive, not just survive, in recovery.

This course expands on the teachings in the Recovery 2.0 book and provides you with specific actions to take to feel what is truly possible for you.

 With the course, you’ll also get 14 days of full access to our Recovery 2.0 community.

Together, the course & the community work in harmony, supporting each other.

The course lays out the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of Recovery 2.0.

And the community offers the support, inspiration and love we all need to succeed.

This combination ensures that you’re both intellectually understanding the recovery process, and  effectively living it out in your everyday life.

“Recovery 2.0 offers tranformational guidance for anyone ready and willing to release the chains of addiction.”
Gabrielle Bernstein
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author, International Speaker, and Spirit Junkie

Here’s How It Works:

The Frequency of Addiction

In the first part of the course, you’ll:

Understanding and Breaking the Frequency of Addiction: Insights into recognizing the pervasive pattern of addiction that can manifest in various aspects of life and strategies for breaking free.

The Depth of Addiction Beyond Substances: Learn from Tommy’s personal journey that extends beyond drugs and alcohol to include addictions to behaviors like gambling and the pursuit of unhealthy relationships, emphasizing the comprehensive nature of addiction.

A Transformative Encounter with Healing: Tommy’s compelling story of hitting rock bottom and the subsequent encounter with a guru that led to a profound understanding and healing through breath work and movement, highlighting the power of alternative healing methods.

The Role of Body and Breath in Recovery: Discover the critical importance of paying attention to the body and breath as a pathway to healing, breaking out of addiction patterns, and finding balance

Yoga as a Holistic Antidote to Addiction: Introduction to the concept that yoga, beyond physical exercise, serves as a comprehensive life path offering connection, healing, and freedom from addiction by addressing the body, mind, and spirit.

Break The Pattern: Mind,
Body & Spirit

In part 2 of the course, you’ll learn how to break the pattern of addiction through mind, body, spirit:

Spinal Health as a Foundation for Balance and Energy Flow: Understand the importance of a healthy spine for overall well-being, emphasizing exercises that enhance spinal strength, mobility, and the unobstructed flow of energy.

Gradual Practice for Subtle Shifts: Learn a series of movements and breathing techniques starting from the base of the spine to the higher energy centers, designed to introduce gradual changes in your physical and mental state, without the need for immediate profound experiences.

Connection Between Physical Movement and Mental State: Discover how physical exercises can lead to a shift in mental state, helping to break free from addictive patterns and foster a new perspective on meditation and mindfulness.

Visualization and Awareness: Emphasis on the power of visualization and focused awareness during exercises, enhancing the practice's effectiveness by directing energy flow through the spine and body.

Accessible and Adaptable Practices: The module offers guidance on adapting practices for different physical abilities, ensuring everyone can participate and benefit from the exercises, highlighting yoga's inclusive and healing nature.

Key Concepts for
Life Beyond Addiction

Part 3 invites you to deepen your understanding of the key concepts of Life Beyond Addiction. In this part, you’ll:

Understand the 4 Aggravations and Procrastination: Discover how procrastination, along with negative thinking, self-doubt, and resentment, fuels addiction and learn strategies for overcoming these challenges through small, consistent steps.

Uncover The 4 Dimensions of Addiction: Learn about the complex nature of addiction and its ability to affect individuals beyond the surface, highlighting the importance of addressing underlying issues to foster genuine recovery.

Break free from the vicious ‘Shame Cycle’: Learn to dismantle the deep-seated feelings of shame and pave the way of recovery and genuine self-compassion.

Achieve Sustainable Elevation with Natural Highs: Discover the lasting benefits of natural highs through yoga, meditation, and nature. Experience elevated mood, enhanced clarity, and a deeper connection to life without the drawbacks of chemical alternatives.

Access Prana for Vitality & Recovery: Tap into prana, the essential life force, to fuel your journey beyond addiction. Explore ways to cultivate prana through breathwork, healthy eating, authentic relationships, and nature, supporting a powerful, energy-filled recovery.

Finally Embrace Complete Recovery: Dive into the Recovery 2.0 philosophy that champions total freedom from addiction. This approach emphasizes daily practices, self-inquiry, and community support to not just manage but transcend addictive behaviors, advocating for a life of authenticity, creativity, and empowerment.

The Importance of Community 

& The Path of Discovery - 14 Days Access

To The Recovery 2.0 Membership

Now that the foundation has been laid… 

You understand the problem of addiction on a deeper, more profound level…

And you have all the tools and practices you need to get on the path of recovery…

Now, it’s time to start putting everything you’ve learned into practice.

This is where your journey truly begins.

And we do this by giving you access to the coaching and community you need to succeed.

Join our community of students who are on the same path as you and who understand your journey. This network is a constant source of motivation, accountability, and significantly contributes to your long-term success and personal growth... 

Members’ ONLY LIVE Events - Learn from guest speakers, thought-leaders, and people like you who share insights and wisdom as we walk this path of discovery together. We offer immersive experiences.presentations, and other special events reserved exclusively for members

Create daily routines that fit seamlessly into your schedule, no matter how busy you are. We are here to help you heal and grow, and so, we’ll help you understand and create the building blocks for a successful life in recovery.

Join our community of students who are on the same path as you and who understand your journey. This network is a constant source of motivation, accountability, and significantly contributes to your long-term success and personal growth... 

Daily Practices for Daily Triumphs: Engage with us in morning practices and regular meetings, establishing routines that strengthen your recovery each day... by the way, these routines build a foundation for lifelong wellness...

Experience the transformative power of retreats - all Life Beyond Addiction members are invited to our retreats. These retreats offer an immersive environment for deeper learning, reflection, and connection, building an even stronger bond with both teachers and peers.

Your path is not about getting ‘there’, it’s about being HERE now. Embrace your recovery journey with a focus on the present, cherishing each step as part of your growth. This will enrich your path towards healing and fulfillment.

NOTE: After the 14 days end, you will be charged $27 per month for R2.0 membership. But
you will keep the life Beyond Addiction course for life. You can cancel the membership anytime


Who is this For?

Life Beyond Addiction &
the Recovery 2.0 community is for you if:

Here’s why that’s important:

The course is all about taking ownership of your personal journey.

It’s built on the belief that lasting change comes from within, and relies on the individual’s commitment to actively engage in their healing process.

That’s what I truly believe is necessary to move beyond addiction and live a life of abundance.

If you’re not willing to take full responsibility and you haven’t already put away the victim mindset, I wish you luck on your journey but this course is not for you.

However, if you are ready to take ownership, then now is the time to take the next step on your path to recovery. 

Let Me Recap


When You Join Life Beyond Addiction

All For Just $49

R.20 Membership will be billed for $27/mo after the 14 days end.
You will keep the Life Beyond Addiction course for life.


Tommy Rosen is the founder of Recovery 2.0, a global organization dedicated to inspire and unite people in recovery from addiction through the practice of yoga and meditation so that they can heal and thrive. 

Tommy is an internationally renowned yoga teacher, meditation instructor and addiction recovery expert with over 30 years of continuous recovery from addiction.

Through his classes, workshops, courses and destination retreats, Tommy has helped thousands of people to overcome their addictions and to be free.

Tommy’s first book, Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life, (Hay House) was published to International acclaim and continues to transform the lives of readers across the globe today. His podcast, “In The Circle With Tommy Rosen” has helped hundreds of thousands of people to find freedom and joy in recovery.

You will find Tommy at destination retreats, festivals and online workshops offered by the Recovery 2.0 community and beyond.

R.20 Membership will be billed for $27/mo after the 14 days end.
You will keep the Life Beyond Addiction course for life.


The course emphasizes a holistic approach to recovery, going beyond abstinence to address the mind, body, spirit, and time. It integrates various practices and philosophies to help individuals find balance and fulfillment in their journey.

No, the course addresses a wide range of addictions, and focuses on the underlying causes and broader aspects of recovery beyond substance use.

You will be billed $27 per month to remain in the R2.0 membership community. You can cancel before the 14 days end or anytime after. And you will keep the Life Beyond Addiction course for life no matter what you do.

Life Beyond Addiction is for anyone who is already in active recovery and who has already or is ready to put away the victim mindset and live a life of abundance.

Yes. After 30 days, if you’re not happy with the course we will process a full refund.

The course includes access to a supportive community of fellow participants and mentors. This community offers a space for sharing experiences, gaining insights, and receiving encouragement throughout the recovery process.

The course provides tools and practices that build resilience, mindfulness, and a deeper understanding of oneself, which are crucial for long-term recovery and preventing relapse.

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