Why Do I Experience a Constant Need to Run From My Painful Feelings?

Each individual, regardless of gender, needs to undergo self-discovery

with Tommy Rosen

In this episode of In the Circle, we explore the profound impact of emotions and the healing journey through recovery. Our guest, David, shares his heartfelt story, grappling with immense grief and the complexities of addiction, opening up a conversation about the significance of men supporting one another in recovery.

We need to allow our emotions to flow — stifling them, especially among men due to societal expectations, can lead to a confined reality of emotional and physical blockages. This suppression often leads to various forms of addiction as we attempt to escape from reality.

Each individual, regardless of gender, needs to undergo self-discovery. There is immense power in meditation and the development of a meditative mind to face, rather than flee from, the full spectrum of our emotional experiences. Coming face-to-face with our emotions can eventually dissolve loneliness and fear, as we recognize the non-veracity of these passing states. This journey is not about avoiding our emotions, but rather about understanding the nature of our attachments and healing on all levels to experience true contentment and freedom.

A human being who doesn’t allow the energy of emotion to flow is creating a confined reality.

– Tommy Rosen, In The Circle Podcast

Tommy discusses:

  • The developmental tools required to handle trauma and emotional pain
  • How addiction can be a form of avoidance for many people
  • The importance of male support and men’s circles during recovery for some individuals
  • How self-discovery and internal work such as meditation and yoga will help the healing process
  • The value of stillness and presence

Addiction is Part of Everyone’s Journey, But Recovery is Not.

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