How Can I Stop Engaging In Risky & Harmful Behaviors?

The key is to becoming thrilled with the subtle

with Tommy Rosen

On this episode of In the Circle we delve into a profound question brought up by James—Why do we, as humans, engage in behaviors we know are harmful? It’s clear that being human is challenging, and to cope, we sometimes find ourselves trapped in patterns of behavior that once served a purpose but eventually brought negative consequences. 

Our five senses allow us to experience unparalleled joys, from the music we hear to the food we taste. This pursuit of heightened experiences often causes imbalances, making us prone to addictions and unhealthy patterns. It’s essential to recognize that we’re driven by our body’s inner chemistry. By understanding our hormonal and nervous systems, we can identify the underpinnings of our cravings, whether they stem from sugar imbalances or other impactful sensations.

Addiction, as I see it, is any behavior that continues despite its detrimental effects. The solution lies in altering our nervous system’s patterning, realigning with our body’s inherent intelligence, and uncovering joy in ordinary moments

We’re chasing after big impacts because our nervous system is attuned to those kinds of big impacts.

– Tommy Rosen, In The Circle Podcast

Tommy discusses:

  • Why we crave dangerous and thrilling behaviors
  • How we can change our nervous system patterning
  • Are any of us really, truly, broken?
  • How the food we consume greatly impacts our recovery journeys
  • Why we need to be content with life and find joy in the subtle things
  • How the endocrine and nervous system affects our bodies

Addiction is Part of Everyone’s Journey, But Recovery is Not.

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