Personal Will vs. God’s Will: How Can We Know The Difference?

In the reality where there is a higher power we can tap into, where does this higher power begin and where do we end?

with Tommy Rosen

On this episode of In The Circle, we have the honor of sitting with Amy Elizabeth, who is posing a very profound question for us—How can I tell the difference between my will and God’s will for me, and how can I know the difference between pushing forward with my ego versus pushing forward as a call to my purpose?

These are important questions for anybody on a path of recovery, and naturally, this is going to be a profoundly spiritual inquiry, which is critically important to the human experience. In the reality where there is a higher power we can tap into, where does this higher power begin and where do we end? We need to remember that this higher power is not a distant force, but one that is deeply intertwined with our very being. 

It’s when we align with this divine energy that we can usher in a sense of flow, even if life remains punctuated with challenges. That being said, there’s much to be learned, not only from our moments of success when we feel aligned, but also in times of grief and sadness. We must introspect on these insights and consider how they might apply to our own lives.

The path of recovery is nothing more than a study of life.

– Tommy Rosen, In The Circle Podcast

Tommy discusses:

  • The complexities of understanding and differentiating between personal will (our desires and actions) and divine will (a higher power’s intention)
  • Why recovery starts as a discipline
  • Why therapy is not just for those who can’t figure out their relationships but for anyone seeking growth
  • The reason turning inward for self-inquiry can help align with a greater intelligence
  • The idea that God is not separate from us but is part of us and everything else

Addiction is Part of Everyone’s Journey, But Recovery is Not.

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