How Can I Let Go Of Relationships That No Longer Serve Me?

You have a choice about who is in your life.

with Tommy Rosen

In this episode of In the Circle, Today, we’ll hear an inquiry from Carla, who asks an important question regarding friendship and letting go: How do I release the ties of a long-term friendship that has become codependent? How can I let go of relationships that no longer serve me?

This inquiry takes us into this realm of relationships, reminding us that friendships, connections, business partnerships, and romantic relationships all have the potential to become codependent if we try to control or place someone else’s needs inappropriately before our own.

As we delve into this topic, we’re looking at shifting from blame and complaint to a place of self-reflection and growth. It’s important to remember, that you always have a choice, letting go of a friendship that no longer serves our well-being can be an act of self-care and liberation for all involved parties. 

  If you’re in a place of forgiveness, there’s no guilt, there’s no shame.

– Tommy Rosen, In The Circle Podcast

Tommy discusses:

  • The difference between codependency and interdependency
  • What is true forgiveness?
  • You have a choice
  • The importance of trusting your gut 
  • Outgrowing people on the Path of Recovery

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