What can I do to find peace when life becomes unmanageable?

The path of discovery will lead us all from victim to master.

with Tommy Rosen

On this episode of In the Circle, I had the privilege of engaging with Brien, who bravely shares the challenges he is currently facing, from past traumas and medical malpractice to deep-seated religious concerns. He inquires—How can you manage when too many elements from the past and present slam into you all at once?

This is an inquiry that is relevant to us all. When we are struck with moments like these, it is crucial to anchor ourselves in the present moment and focus on the transformative roles of meditation and yoga by calming the mind, spirit, and body. 

It’s essential to understand that moving from a place of feeling overwhelmed and victimized requires one to take control and let go of past narratives. This is vital on our journey towards self-awareness, authenticity, and understanding our personal narratives.

Our power comes from ownership and agency over whats happening. Blame and complaint will always keep us in a disempowered place. 

– Tommy Rosen, In The Circle Podcast

Tommy discusses:

    • The importance of anchoring oneself in the present moment
    • Why we need to set healthy boundaries 
    • Why many in the recovery process feel overwhelmed and out of control
    • How to embrace a life of freedom and presence
    • Why authenticity, self-awareness, and self-reflection are key components in the recovery process
    • Why you need to challenge and evaluate the stories you tell yourself

Addiction is Part of Everyone’s Journey, But Recovery is Not.

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