As Within, So Without: The Microbiome & Recovery with Zach Bush

Abandonment is the root cause of addiction

with Tommy Rosen

This week, I am very excited to share a podcast that breaks tradition with our normal format.  

Normally, I answer questions from people in recovery all over the world. This episode features an interview I conducted with Zach Bush, MD., from the recent Life Beyond Addiction Conference. 

Zach is a renowned, multi-disciplinary physician of internal medicine, endocrinology, and hospice care, as well as an internationally recognized educator on the microbiome as it relates to human health, soil health, food systems, and a regenerative future. 

This interview was among the most watched during the Life Beyond Addiction Conference. 

Zach shares profound wisdom about the power of nature, the interconnectedness of all things, and the way beyond all addiction. There are no words to fully describe the depth of this conversation. 

You just have to listen for yourself as we cover a lot of territory. 

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  Recovery, is the regaining of your relationship and connection with yourself.

– Tommy Rosen, In The Circle Podcast

Tommy discusses:

  • The connection between addiction and abandonment 
  • Understanding spiritual connection
  • Mankind’s separation from nature
  • The power of yoga and its potential flaws
  • Identity Crisis and Coping Mechanisms

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Addiction is Part of Everyone’s Journey, But Recovery is Not.

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