Your Definition of Addiction Determines How You Overcome It

Today’s inquiry is from Jacob, and the question that came up for him was… “Is there a cure for addiction?” I want to be clear that I feel that addiction is part of the human condition. We all experience it in some way. We’re all on the spectrum. It was important to me that we go deep on this subject, as I feel this question touches all of us in some way. It’s something that many of us in recovery – and our loved ones – have asked.

Jacob’s earnestness and vulnerability in bringing forth this inquiry are so important. Everyone in the circle benefits when anyone demonstrates this kind of depth.

When you’re done, when you complete your life and fulfill your fullest destiny, then you can have a vacation.

– Tommy Rosen, In The Circle Podcast

Tommy discusses:

  • Is there a “magic pill” to treat addiction? 
  • Tommy’s revolutionary way of thinking about addiction and recovery
  • Alignment with and evolution of 12-steps/AA
  • The definition of addiction
  • Putting a new lens on how you see time and assess your progress

Addiction is part of everyone’s journey, but recovery is not.

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