Happiness Is Not The Relief Of A Craving

Today we have Eduardo offering up an inquiry, which has to do with the idea that different people need different things at different times. At what point in your path of recovery and discovery do you outgrow a practice or routine? Things that have helped you – be it a recovery group or the 12 Steps themselves – will not serve you in perpetuity as you continue to grow and evolve. And so you may feel that it’s time for a change.

What awaits us beyond simple abstinence? It’s important to ask ourselves where we’re going, what we should shoot for; and what do we do if and when we find ourselves isolated or separated because instead of taking a step forward through the same revolving door, we take a step up to bigger and bigger questions? Where is the 13th Step?

This is how you can get there: wholehearted steadiness of practice over time, and releasing your preferences and attachments.

– Tommy Rosen, In The Circle Podcast

Tommy discusses:

  • Why the Shaman may feel isolated because of their expansive knowledge
  • People who struggle with addiction have the capability, and responsibility, to become a teacher (and why we desperately need them today)
  • The difficulty of stepping away from AA when it stops serving you
  • Evolving from the language of “I am an alcoholic.”
  • Misconception of self-control vs. the choice
  • A conversation with Ram Dass on psychedelics
  • Why happiness is not merely the relief of a craving
  • Two yogic teachings to help maintain an expanded state of consciousness: abhyasa and vairagya
  • Metaphor of dyeing cotton as it relates to recovery and evolution

Addiction is part of everyone’s journey, but recovery is not.

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