To Understand One’s Depression, We Must Untangle the Knots of Grief & Storytelling

On today’s episode of In The Circle, we are going to explore a heartfelt inquiry from Shannon who is asking… How can I help a young adult dealing with depression? In this day and age, we find ourselves in a mental health crisis. So it makes perfect sense that this inquiry would come up at this time. 

Everyone is facing challenges as the mainstream world becomes more complex, more disconnected, and more toxic. Kids, and young adults especially, are living in a stressed out world and spending way too much time on screens, which are keeping them even more disconnected from their surroundings, from nature, and certainly not helping them to live better lives.

We spend today’s episode looking at depression from some alternative perspectives and hope to provide new viewpoints. 

If you or anyone you know is dealing with serious depression or suicidal ideation, please seek the support of a medical professional. This podcast is not intended in any way to replace or contradict advice from medical professionals.

Time allows us an opportunity to integrate the challenges, difficulties and traumas of our life.

– Tommy Rosen, In The Circle Podcast

Tommy discusses:

    • Impossibility of identifying the source of depression
    • Measuring the appropriate expression of grief and loss
    • Depression’s guttural scream
    • Untangling the stories we tell ourselves 
    • Looking at depression from a different angle 
    • Repression, suppression, depression
    • Why we should sing and dance to heal 
    • Considering diet, hydration, and clean energy

Addiction is Part of Everyone’s Journey, But Recovery is Not.

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