Like So Many of Us, Tommy Rosen’s Story Is One of Second Chances

Today, on In the Circle, there is a slightly different thing going on as we share with you a talk that I gave on our recent retreat to Big Sky Montana. There, I found myself in front of 100 people at various stages of addiction and recovery to tell my story, and that of Recovery 2.0.

This particular talk will answer so many of your questions about how we arrived at this very moment, understanding addiction at a deeper level, understanding recovery at a deeper level, and understanding where the pitfalls are along the way.

You are going to hear a lot about my personal story. I share the stories from my history towards the end of my addiction, all the way through my recovery, and then ultimately the founding of Recovery 2.0. I’m excited to invite you into this very intimate moment that we had together. Let’s see where it takes us.

The grace of God is ever present. It never goes away. It’s always available.

– Tommy Rosen, In The Circle Podcast

Tommy discusses:

    • Arriving to Hazelden for treatment at 22
    • Opening space within ourselves for grace 
    • Understanding “The meek shall inherit the earth”
    • Digging a new foundation for innovation 
    • Advice for those in early recovery
    • Listening for the frequency of addiction 
    • The inspiration for Recovery 2.0
    • Seeing the world through a lens of stress

Addiction is Part of Everyone’s Journey, But Recovery is Not.

The Recovery 2.0 Membership is a place where you can explore the topics that interest you, find community, and connect with Tommy Rosen on a personal level. It’s here that we’ll dig into spirituality and union of the mind, body and spirit, and transform from the inside out. You will learn and grow alongside a community of supportive, conscious, compassionate and vibrant individuals, like you!

Join us at r20.com/welcome to explore how to move beyond addiction and thrive in your life.

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