If Our Mind is Always in the Past and the Future, We Miss the Miracles of the Present

What a blessing it is, once again, to sit in circle with you all today. In this episode, we field an interesting inquiry from Emily, a member of our Recovery 2.0 community. Emily shares that her drive and ambition are getting in the way of her experiencing the fullness of life.

On the one hand, we all strive to be better, to have success and better relationships. This inquiry asks us to locate the fine line between too much and too little effort. 

Can we create space for acceptance and gratitude in the present moment and also pursue our goals and ambitions? How do we balance these seemingly conflicting needs?

We also look at the very perplexing concept of linear time and how we can resolve resentments from the past so they don’t color our enjoyment of the here and now.

Whenever you awaken, it’s the morning.

– Chidanand Saraswati

Tommy discusses:

  • Holding space for drive, ambition, and gratitude
  • Resolving our attachment to the past
  • Connecting to consciousness through meditation 
  • How the linear concept of time warps our perspective 
  • The importance of structure and open time in your schedule

Addiction is part of everyone’s journey, but recovery is not.

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