By Identifying the Frequencies of Addiction Within Us, We Can Better Avoid It Around Us

Today on In The Circle, Anne, a member of our Recovery 2.0 community, brings a powerful and widely relevant inquiry about addiction as it relates to anyone on the planet. She asks… How do I avoid new addictions in early recovery?

Many of us remember the classic arcade game: Whack-A-Mole. You move to quickly strike one down, only for another two, three, four to pop up in its place. Anne, being in the beginning stages of her recovery journey, worries that once she strikes down her most glaring addiction issue, that others may move to take its place in her life. 

In today’s conversation, we accept that… Yes, other addictions exist and can be a tempting escape back into past behaviors that were harmful. But we also accept that, in overcoming one, we develop the tools to identify and avoid others.

It’s this ever-growing toolbox of lessons and learnings which we then wield in our lives as more connected, more present, and more loving individuals.

We give birth to our new presence in each moment, in each breath.

– Tommy Rosen, In The Circle Podcast

Tommy discusses:

  • Defining behavioral addiction 
  • Identifying the addiction frequency 
  • Reviewing the Big 6 addictions 
  • Avoiding addiction patterns
  • And using them to set yourself free 
  • Letting go of the unnecessary

Addiction is part of everyone’s journey, but recovery is not.

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