Congratulations! You’re In!

You’ve Just Joined the Life Beyond Addiction program
and the Recovery 2.0 Community!

You’re About To Take Your Next Step on Your Journey Towards
A Life of Abundance, Purpose and Fulfillment.

Here Are Your Next Steps:

STEP 1: Check Your Email

Check your email for a link to set up your account and get logged in.

Through this link you’ll gain access to both the Life Beyond Addiction course and the Recovery 2.0 community.

STEP 2: Join Our Facebook Group

Next, join our Facebook Group of like-minded people who are on the same journey as you and understand what it’s like to be in recovery.

This is an incredibly powerful resource where members connect, ask questions and get support from an amazing community of people.

So, don’t be shy and introduce yourself!

STEP 3: Dive Into The Course and Get Started On Your Journey

As soon as you get your login details, please log in to the course portal and start going through the Life Beyond Addiction program right away!

The program is a beautiful opportunity to take a deeper look at what is possible for you in your life. It’s highly practical and actionable so you can start putting things into practice immediately.

And of course, our team and the extended Recovery 2.0 community will be with you every step of the way (there are thousands of incredible members all over the world).

You are not alone.

“The people who struggle over and over again are the ones who say, ‘I can do this on my own’. None of us can accomplish meaningful, sustainable change on our own.” - Tommy Rosen

Please reach out to get help along the way.  We’re in your corner and we want you to succeed.

So take the next step… check your email and log in and let’s get started.

If you have any questions just post in the group or email our incredible support team on [email protected].

Your next step on your journey starts here. With Love and Gratitude,

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