The Foundations of Recovery
Core Teachings for Thriving in Recovery and Life

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Foundational Breath Workshop

There is more going on with the breath than we may know or imagine. We are all born on an inhale, and we will all expire on an exhale. No matter where we take our lives, our breath is our constant companion. Join Tommy and his guide and mentor GuruPrem for a foundational breath workshop and learn about the transformational healing power of the breath. 

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The Recovery Formula
 What does it mean to have a ‘recovery code’? Join Tommy as he takes you on a journey through the key elements of moving from a state of addiction (darkness) to a state of recovery (light), starting with the concept of Sankalpa – a Sanskrit word meaning a vow, or profound commitment – to live life with heartfelt intentions that reflect our higher ideals that come from the deepest parts of ourselves.
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The Spiritual Dimension of Healing From Addiction
What allows us to feel good in our bodies mentally, physically, and spiritually? Join spiritual teacher, musician, and healer Akah Jackson and Tommy as they undergo a powerful exploration about creating a spiritual orientation to the flow of life, our choices, and our recovery.
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Detoxing the Subconscious Mind
The substance of the subconscious mind – being on autopilot – has an influence on us until we enter the clarity and consciousness found in recovery. In this teaching, Tommy presents two important points of view on the subconscious mind, followed by a very powerful meditation that helps us move toward a more conscious state of mind.
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The Body Electric: A Naturopathic Doctor’s View on Healing
Join Dr. Nick Jensen as he discusses the electrical patterns and systems of the body and their influence on health, wellness, and healing. The electricity of the body has a direct effect on energy and mood, making it one of the most important areas to understand in order to heal the body and the mind. In this teaching you will learn about what it means to cultivate, create, and energize the body with electricity.
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The Science of Awakening
How do we experience change? How do we grow up and wake up? Tommy and Dr. Bruce Lipton discuss the science behind change, growth, and spirituality. This teaching is designed to help us understand how practices such as yoga, meditation, and community help us experience an awakening and be more present in our lives.
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