The Health Benefits of Waking Up Early

Type: Lecture
Duration: 01:13:19
Teacher: Dr. Nick Jensen
Grab a pen and your journal! You will want to take notes on this one. 
Dr. Nick Jensen take a comprehensive look at what contributes to our success of a morning sadhana practice.  He covers: from the Cell to the Soul, how we adapt to modern times, our circadian rhythms, and mal illumination in daily life just to name a few. He suggests clear ways to adjust daily habits to set ourselves up to match our true identity.
At the very core of any Destiny shift, there must be an Identity shift.
Sadhana in the morning is all about getting into a relationship with yourself. It’s working on the communication system.
Dr. Nick gives a few ideas of “homework” for after the call, to get closer to the practice of matching your behaviors to match your Identity.