What I know for Sure: Lessons Learned from More than 150 ER Interventions

Type: Lecture
Teacher: Kate Duffy

Here are some of Kate’s takeaways from her time as a recovery coach in the ER. She shares great wisdom for both the family member and the addict.

1- No doesn’t mean no. It means not right now or I’m scared or even I’m not worth it. By asking thoughtful questions, No can lead to a Yes!

2- An addict often does not have what they need to want recovery often until they have it- it’s a catch 22. How can one in a compromised state know what is best for them? Surround people in recovery, offer them connection and support.

3- An addict and their family can be seen as two separate islands; one feeling shame, guilt and fear while the other sits in panic and fear. Communicating through fear never works but connecting through truth opens the way.

Her message is one of encouragement and encompassing the addict and the family and how supporting each other in honesty can make it possible for everyone to heal.