Life Cycles Part 3: Quality of Life

Type: Lecture
Duration: 52:24
Teacher: Tommy Rosen

Tommy Rosen shares the final Part 3 of a three part series on Life Cycles.

As we look now at the cycle of every 18 years = Cycle of Life Energy, we move from the gross to subtle (from the physical to the soul). Getting interested in these cycles gives us a lens to better understand our choices.

To live in rhythm with these shifts we move out of the impulse behavior and into true wisdom in our habits and lifestyle.
If you don’t have the humility to see yourself as you are, you will to try to behave as if you were in the previous cycles.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Did you expend your prana reserves in an intelligent way?
Did you rejuvenate and rebuild over time.
3. Did you conserve your natural resources to accomplish your purpose?