“Success can never come at the expense of health. It is the result of it.”
-Tommy Rosen
Founder, Recovery 2.0

Health and wellness programs for individuals, teams and businesses looking to succeed and thrive

world-class content

Recovery 2.0 creates cutting-edge video and audio-based programming that contributes to the well-being and success of individuals and corporations.

Our products combine next-gen technology with the latest behavioral science to address the root causes of stress, chronic pain, burnout and addiction.

Our world-class team consists of industry experts, best-selling authors and thought leaders with decades of experience healing people and unlocking their fullest potential.

the uplevel approach

Our programming focuses on five essential areas of life:


We provide leading-edge practices for all levels of ability, with an emphasis on health, mobility, and vitality.


We offer actionable microsteps for anyone to make better food choices and to improve their level of energy.


Poor sleep habits weaken the immune system, creates conditions for disease and lowers productivity.



Our programs are designed to calm the mind, sharpen awareness and unlock true potential within.


A deeper sense of purpose leads to greater connection and collaboration with others.


change the game

  • Greater Health and Contentment
  • Boundless Energy
  • Less Stress and More Joy
  • Clear Thinking and Mindfulness
  • Increased Productivity
  • Peak Performance
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