Step 1

Declarations of Intention

This is a special Summit where we will come together with great intention to be in community and to experience a higher state of consciousness. Our methods to reach that place are to immerse ourselves in nature, yoga, meditation, breathing, prayer, chanting, dancing and self-inquiry.

Our collective intention is powerful. Please read the following declarations. 
If they resonate with you, please click the “Yes, I agree” button and you’ll be taken to the next step.

  1. I have a sincere desire to live with truth and integrity.
  2. I have the intention to be of service and uplift others.
  3. I am willing to look at any blocks that come up for me.
  4. I am willing to learn how to truly relax and find the bliss within.
  5. I will abstain from the use of drugs (other than medical prescriptions), alcohol and nicotine in any form during the Summit of Consciousness.
  6. I am coming to this summit with an open mind and am ready to step into the Infinite possibilities of the unknown.

Click the button below if you agree to the Declaration of Intentions for this retreat. On the next page, you will be able to reserve your room options.