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Pour Yourself Fully into This Life

An Invitation from Tommy Rosen

Recovery 2.0 is known as the path of discovery in recovery because we see ourselves in a magical and never-ending process of evolution.

Addiction is a part of everyone’s journey, but recovery is not.

With Recovery 2.0 a world of possibilities exists. It allows us to live this incredible life fully and with great purpose.

This membership exists to help you unlock all of those possibilities.

In this membership, we share with you everything we know about recovery, yoga, meditation, spirituality, nutrition and thriving in life.

We get to introduce you to a powerful network of experts in the fields of psychology, medicine, science, nutrition and spirituality.

Recovery 2.0 is an optimistic, realistic, practical path that leads to the realization of hopes, goals and dreams.

This membership is about accessing your authentic power, connecting with an amazing community and thriving in a life beyond addiction.

This is my personal invitation to you.

Come join our membership, and pour yourself fully into this life.

With Love and Gratitude,

Tommy Rosen

Yoga Teacher and Founder of Recovery 2.0

Start Your 7 Day FREE Trial Today!

Experience All We Are Offering This Week, Upgrade Your Life, and Thrive in Your Recovery.

Why You Belong Here

A Design for Living an Incredible Life

The Recovery 2.0 membership is designed to empower and elevate you. Structure your week around our live events – yoga classes, coaching/Q&A, and live recovery lectures. Do one of our members-only courses when your schedule allows and dig into our unsurpassed video library of teachings.

Try one of our yoga and meditation practices aimed at calming the mind. Become an expert at bringing that sense of overwhelm and unmanageability into balance.

We will help train your mind, body and spirit so that you can tap into vitality, increase immunity and build inner and outer strength.

If you want to…

Then the Recovery 2.0 Membership was created for you.

Your Tribe is Waiting. Join us!

Experience Community, Upgrade Your Life, and Thrive in Your Recovery. Start your FREE 7 Day Trial today!

What’s Inside the Members Portal

LIVE Events All Week

There’s always something new to do in the Recovery 2.0 Membership! Join us for a live teaching every Monday, tune in for Tuesday Night Talks, catch a new yoga class on Wednesday, and then wrap up your week with our Thursday LIVE Coaching and Q&A with Tommy Rosen.

Exclusive Access to the R20 Library of Teachings

This is a world-class, unmatched, incredible library of teachings. As a Recovery 2.0 Member, you’ll receive unlimited access to an exclusive video library of yoga, meditation, psychology, spirituality, and nutrition teachings, music videos, and so much more.

Yoga & Meditation Classes

From healing the heart to feeling calm and empowered, the R20 Members Portal is jam packed with yoga and meditation classes that will uplevel your life. With unlimited access, you can use any practice at any time, and come back to your favorites again and again.

Morning Practices

Inside the Recovery 2.0 Members Portal you’ll find The Morning Practice Posse where new morning practice videos are released each month, and you can watch all previous month’s practices at any time.

Exclusive Members-only Facebook Community

As a Recovery 2.0 Member, you’ll be invited to join our exclusive online members-only Facebook community. This is an incredibly powerful resource where members connect, ask questions and get support, from an amazing community of people.

FREE Access to Bonus Courses & Discounts

As long as you are a Recovery 2.0 Member, you’ll receive FREE access to bonus online courses like Life Upgrade, and you’ll also receive generous discounts to all R20 live events each year. Don’t miss out!

Start Your 7 Day FREE Trial Today!

Experience All We Are Offering This Week, Upgrade Your Life, and Thrive in Your Recovery.


Monday Night Live

Every Monday evening at 5pm PST, join us for a live conversation with Tommy and an expert guest presenter to explore what it means to thrive in recovery and life. As a Recovery 2.0 Member, you’ll also gain access to all recorded Monday Night LIVE sessions from the last 3 years.

Tuesday Night Talks

Tune in to Tuesday Night Talks with Heather Monroe for a live conversation about Psychology & Spirituality. Specialized in the healing of relational trauma, Heather is an integrative psychotherapist who understands that just as the context of trauma is individual, so is the process of healing. During these engaging and innovative sessions, you’ll discover tools you can use to heal from trauma.

Wednesday Live Yoga

Jump into a live yoga class every Wednesday morning with Tommy Rosen, plus get unlimited access to all previously recorded classes through the membership portal so you can keep your practice fresh any day of the week.

Thursday Coaching Q&A

Join Tommy Rosen and other R20 Members every Thursday evening for a LIVE group coaching Q&A session. During these profound, personal meetings, you’ll have the opportunity to ask specific questions and get real time feedback from Tommy.

Friday Live Yoga

Join Stacy Live every Friday morning. All levels welcome. Her classes will focus on turning on the parasympathetic nervous system for healing, rest, and recovery.

Sunday Service

Join spiritual teacher, musician and healer Akah Jackson for Recovery 2.0 Sunday Service. Explore universal themes of the human condition and recovery of True Self.


Monthly Message from Tommy

Each month Tommy records a special message exclusively for Recovery 2.0 Members that will always be your welcome at the very top of your Member Dashboard in the portal. You can enjoy these messages and return to them at any time throughout the month.

NEW Monthly Morning Practice

Jumpstart your morning with each month’s new practice taught by Tommy Rosen. In these powerful 30-minute practices, Tommy will guide you through breathwork, yoga postures, and meditation.

Are you ready to join your tribe?

Experience Community, Upgrade Your Life, and Thrive in Your Recovery. Start your FREE 7 Day Trial today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry! We record all live events Monday through Thursday and try to get the recorded video up in your membership portal within 24 hours. You can watch or listen to any recorded event any time you like.

Yes! Every week, Tommy offers a live coaching session on Zoom where you can ask him questions directly. Your voice will be heard, and you will likely find wisdom and support from other R20 members as well.

Of course! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or a success story, please email our team at [email protected]. Please keep in mind that we are not equipped to answer questions of a personal, medical nature.

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